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Q&A Spotlight with a Chabil Mar Bride

Destination Wedding in BelizeA goal that we have at Chabil Mar is to make sure that every guest experiences a level of service at our resort that is truly unforgettable. While we strive for this goal for every guest, this is especially the case for our brides who come to Chabil Mar for their weddings. With the experience we have in destination weddings, we know how important it is for every bride to know that their wedding day will be as perfect as they’ve always dreamed.

Katrina and Blaine Platt are one the most recent couples who chose Chabil Mar as their wedding destination. Instead of us just telling you about Chabil Mar’s wedding services, who better to share the true story than the bride herself? We contacted Katrina after she returned from Belize to share some of her thoughts about her destination wedding at Chabil Mar.

Q: When you started planning your wedding, what made you decide that Belize was the place for your destination wedding?

A: I always knew that I wanted to have a destination wedding, I just was not sure where. When Blaine suggested I take a look at Belize I went straight to trip advisor online. I have done a lot of traveling and trip advisor rarely lets me down. I emailed a few resorts to ask for more information, and Althea from Chabil Mar responded to me very quickly with plenty of details and radiated warmth and enthusiasm. The villas looked beautiful, the pools looked amazing and the pier locked me down. I knew I had found the right spot and I immediately put down my deposit.

Q: In your search for a resort, why did Chabil Mar stand out as your choice among others for your special day?

A: It became clear to me when I started talking to Althea more that Chabil Mar was a resort that wanted to really go out of their way for me. There was nothing that they could not do. There was nothing for me to even worry about. I could still have all the things that are easy to have at home in the United States on a beach in Belize. It couldn’t have been a better find.

Q: Were you apprehensive at all about planning your wedding from a distance?

A: I was a little nervous. I had never been to Belize and due to this, obviously just seen the resort from pictures. I really could not know for sure if it was going to be everything I wanted or if everything that I asked for was going to happen. Althea made the process less nerve racking for me. I was worried that the flowers would not look the same or that my vision would not be understood. My worries, although unavoidable, were unwarranted. Everything that I envisioned came to life on our day.

Q:  How was your experience working with the wedding planners at Chabil Mar from a distance, leading up to your arrival?

A: From the very beginning, I got the feeling that anything and everything was possible for our wedding. As we planned the wedding and more and more details were put into place, we ran into virtually no problems. There were no discrepancies between what we wanted and what could be done. All of our guests made their reservations through Althea because that is whom I put them in contact with. Let’s just say that I was not the only one who brought her a gift to Belize.

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Q: Tell us about your actual wedding day? Did everything turn out just as you hoped?

A: I was a little unsure of who was taking care of the setup, but was so surprised to look out the window in the morning to see that everything had already been set up. Decorations were put up, chairs were placed and covered, and tables were ready. I was so shocked by how efficient the staff at Chabil Mar was. Everything I asked for was there and I did not even have to step out of my villa. It was impressive. I could not have been more happy and grateful for the entire staff on a day where the stress of details can really take over. It was everything I wanted and more.

Q: What was your overall impression of the resort when you arrived?

A: The resort is beautiful. Every one of us there mentioned that the staff is truly what makes the place unforgettable. The location is beautiful and the pools and villas were amazing, but the people were on another level. You can find beauty at many resorts, but you cannot find the genuineness found in the staff of Chabil Mar. Nothing was too small or too large for them. They wanted to help and they did so with a warm heart. I cried when I had to say goodbye. I have never experienced that level of hospitality before and I am pretty well traveled.

Q: What did your wedding party have to say about their experience at the resort?

A: We had a wedding party of 16 and 66 people at the wedding—all of them had nothing but the best things to say. We had a week to enjoy the resort and take tours. A lot of people said it was the most fun wedding they had ever been too. There are too many albums on Facebook now with “unbelizable” in the title.

Q: Do you have any words of advice for brides considering a destination wedding?

A: 1) Do it. There is no better way to spend the most important day of your life than surrounded by all your best friends and family in a beautiful location. 2) Go for a week. 3) And most of all do not worry about the distance during planning. All will be handled, especially if you have it a Chabil Mar.

Thank you, Katrina, for sharing your Chabil Mar experience! Like Blaine and Katrina, we make sure that every destination wedding at Chabil Mar exceeds all expectations and creates memories that will last a lifetime.

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