• Tracy troy Chabil Ma

Witty and Beauty Meet in Belize! K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Here at Chabil Mar, we like to pay attention to the little details that sometimes make the biggest difference in our guests’ experiences at our resort. For many, this added level of services is evident in the exceptional staff services, immaculately-kept grounds, gourmet meals delivered anywhere on the resort, and more. But for one recent guest of our resort, it was the witty content of our welcome packet that made all the difference.

In fact, our honeymoon guest, Lillie, was so impressed with our wittiness that she wrote about it on her travel blog. Here are a couple excerpts from our welcome packet that Lillie found particularly amusing:

Catch it? We Cook it: Spending the day fishing? Don’t throw the whole catch back. We are happy to prepare your “catch of the day” for you. Did you catch too much? Nothing goes to waste in Placencia. The staff all love fresh fish. If you happen to catch extra we would be happy to take it off your hands, and please accept our sincerest appreciation. We bow to your fishing prowess. We have a word for folks like you: “Fishonista.””

And while we make that comment in a lighthearted way, we’re serious about delivering on that promise. Since Belize has some of the best fishing in the world, we want to make sure our guests can enjoy it on their stay. Our gourmet chefs are always happy to prepare the catches of our guests to give them the ultimate experience of “fresh” seafood.

Another of Lillie’s favorite excerpts:

Special Occasions: Are you celebrating a special occasion? Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make it extra special. Not celebrating something? Hmm… stop by the front desk and we will help you dream something up. In Belize “just because” can count as a special occasion.”

While Chabil Mar does specialize in special events like weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, and birthdays, we want all of our guests to feel pampered just for being on vacation in the first place. Our staff goes the extra mile to make sure that every day is a special occasion for our guests.

To read the rest of Lillie’s review about her stay at Chabil Mar, visit her travel blog here.  Whether it’s offering you a shoe shine, assistance with your luggage, or offering Belizean chocolate on your pillow, you can be sure that no detail will be overlooked during your stay. Come experience for yourself why Chabil Mar receives accolades from our guests time and time again for our exceptional service, prime location, and stunning surroundings.