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Christmas Eve Special Performance

December holiday season is surely one of the holidays we look forward to the most, and what better way to celebrate this festive occasion and immerse ourselves with some local culture than to enjoy some live Garifuna artists, dancing and drumming here at Chabil Mar resort.

Untitled from Chabil Mar Resort on Vimeo.

In accompaniment to their music traditions lie the Garifuna songs and dance styles, which are an integral part of their culture. These songs and dance styles performed by the Garifuna display a wide range of subjects like work songs, social dances, and ancestral traditions. Some of the work songs include the Eremwu Eu, which is sung by the women as they prepare to make cassava bread, and the Laremuna Wadauman, a song men regularly sing when collectively working together.

As for songs and dances in the social context, pieces like the Gunchei are quite customary. In this dance style the men take turns dancing with each woman. Another very popular dance style performed by the Garifuna in Belize is called Punta Music. According to one Garifuna author this style is, the most popular dance performed at wakes, holidays, parties, and other social events like Christmas.

All we are left to say is thank you for sharing your amazing culture with us on this special holiday season.

Real Destination Weddings in Belize – Brian and Lisa

One of our most recent weddings was the one of Brian and Lisa Curtis, an amazing couple that filled our hearts with joy and excitement with their romantic, intimate wedding ceremony. We wanted to get to know them a little bit more so we sat with them.

Lisa and Brian on the beach

Like many other couples in this day and age, they met on MySpace, the online social media network. Lisa was actually looking up an old friend she had recently gotten re-acquainted with when she came across Brian’s profile and since then they’ve been pretty inseparable.

They have been together for almost three years, and on the big proposal day Brian took Lisa to one of her favorite locations, a museum in nearby Tulsa, Oklahoma, that occupies a 1920′s Italian Villa. After a stroll around, they were sitting on a bench overlooking the plush grounds. The museum keeps a cat on the grounds, who was hanging out with them resting at their feet. The cat got squished when Brian went down on one knee – it was pretty comical. He offered a ring that was made by a close family friend who made the wedding rings for everyone in Brian’s family. It was very special.

Lisa told us she saw Belize on an HGTV show and it seemed to have the relaxed, friendly atmosphere they were looking for and didn’t require extensive travel to reach. After an online search, Brian discovered Chabil Mar on TripAdvisor and the intimate luxury of our resort appealed to them. They wanted to avoid heavy tourism, and Placencia was the perfect spot for their romantic Belize wedding and honeymoon!

The Placencia peninsula consists of 16 miles filled with sandy beaches, the Caribbean Sea to the east and the charming Placencia lagoon to west. The Placencia village (also known as Placencia point) is south of the airport and is the busy part of Placencia and is a traditional fishing village whose diversity in culture and friendliness of the people guarantee an unforgettable vacation.

Lisa and Brians Wedding Ceremony

From the newlyweds:
“The staff at Chabil Mar did a remarkable job taking care of the details. They let us be as involved with the planning as we wanted and gladly shouldered the rest. It was a beautiful, stress-free ceremony. Of course we recommend it!”

Thanks Brian and Lisa, for choosing Chabil Mar for your destination wedding in Belize, enjoy your married lives together and see you again soon in Barefoot Perfect Placencia, Belize!

Belize – The Ultimate Choice for Destination Weddings

With pristine blue waters, sandy beaches and one-of-a-kind culture and adventure options, it’s no wonder why so many couples choose Belize for a picture perfect destination wedding. Located on the Caribbean coast, nestled between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize offers an intriguing mix of serene beaches, tropical forests rich with wildlife, majestic mountains, mysterious Maya temples, and world class diving and fishing experiences beyond compare.

Belize is a special location for weddings due to its friendly people, rich culture, size (smaller than Massachusetts), and easy access from major cities. Belize is only a short two-hour flight from Miami or Houston, and there is an astonishing selection of small boutique resorts and lodges which are especially popular for weddings and honeymoons. Belize has become synonymous with tranquility, peacefulness, beauty and yes, adventure. Known to be a lovers’ destination, there is no shortage of special honeymoon and romantic activities from which to choose.

Here at Chabil Mar, we take pride in handling the details so our newlyweds can relax and enjoy their vacation of a lifetime. What can be better than enjoying your first sunrise as husband and wife by our private dock with the view of our Caribbean sea? We invite you to find out more about the picture perfect Belize destination weddings and honeymoons we offer here at Chabil Mar.